In a heartwarming display of local camaraderie, Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company and Mossy Ledge Spirits joined forces to transform a brewing setback into a wholesome triumph. The incident, which occurred earlier this week, saw Geaghan Brothers facing a predicament after a malfunctioning boiler threatened to render 620 gallons of wort undrinkable.

In a Facebook post on their page, Geaghan Brothers outline how they encountered an unexpected hurdle when a sensor on their boiler went haywire, leaving them unable to proceed with their brewing process. Faced with the prospect of wasting perfectly good wort, the team sprung into action, determined to find a solution that aligned with their commitment to minimizing waste.

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Enter Jesse, the owner of Mossy Ledge Spirits, a distillery and tasting room located in Etna. In the manner of not being wasteful, Geaghan Brothers reached out to Jesse to explore the possibility of salvaging the situation. 

Jesse offered his assistance.

"We have the same boiler, and I'm not using mine today... let me take that part off and connect it to yours so you can save that beer," Jesse proposed, showcasing the “spirit” of collaboration that exists within the local brewing community.

Grateful for Jesse's offer, the team at Geaghan Brothers accepted the fix, allowing their beer to be saved.

As the dust settled and the brewing mishap became a tale of triumph, Geaghan Brothers reflected on the significance of supporting local businesses and nurturing relationships within the community. They emphasized the importance of extending a helping hand when the opportunity arises, recognizing that it is in these moments that the true fabric of a neighborhood thrives.

Great. Now I'm really craving some Geaghan's wings.

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