From the artist, who is also in on the writing

"I hope that this song takes you back to a time where things felt a little simpler. We wrote this one about wanting a little bit of the good ole days back."

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Originally from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, as a young teen she began posting videos of her cover versions of popular songs, including on of Taylor Swift's 'Fifteen' that captured the attention of a talent manager from Nashville. She briefly relocated to Nashville to pursue this opportunity, but returned to Canada to finish High School.

Then she relocated to Nashville to sign a publishing contract. Her 1st hit, Somebody Like That was from her 2nd studio album. That song broke a Billboard chart record. From its 1st week on the chart, it took 70 weeks in total to get to #1.  A new record.

Now from her 3rd album, Vote Yea or Nay for Tenille Arts Back Then, Right Now

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