Sheryl Crow tweets "Such an honor to collaborate with Stevie Nicks, my hero!  And what a joy to welcome Maren Morris into our little club of fierce female rockers!"

Stevie Nicks tweets "So thrilled to sing with Sheryl Crow again, and welcome our friend Maren Morris. Hope the world loves it as much as we do.  Love rules"

The album will be called 'Threads' due out August 30th. Also on the record, a song featuring Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples.  And a song with re-purposed vocals from the late Johnny Cash.  Other guests reportedly featured the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, The Eagles' Don Henley and Joe Walsh, James Taylor, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill and others.

Vote Yea or Nay for a message of female empowerment.  Sheryl Crow with Stevie Nicks and Maren Morris 'Prove You Wrong'


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