Not stayin' in to fight / I'm stayin' out all night / Baby, I'm drunk and I don't wanna go home,"

This isn’t their first rodeo. They were tour mates on the Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour.  Remember tours.

The song was written pre pandemic and also recorded back then.

Elle King wrote the song, and immediately thought of a duet with Miranda Lambert saying to Rolling Stone,  “The true story of this song sums up our wild friendship”. "Nobody revs me up, kicks my ass on stage, or treats me more like family than Miranda Lambert.” .

"Miranda is someone I have looked up to as a songwriter, musician, performer and human being for a long time. So our tumbleweed snowball story of getting to know each other is the ultimate real deal kinda thing,"

You’ll remember Elle King from her teaming up with Dierks Bentley on Different for Girls.  Dierks said She reminded him of Miranda Lambert.

They sound like they’re having way too much fun.  Vote Yea or Nay for Elle King and Miranda Lambert ‘Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)’

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