She may be 24 years old, but she's been playing in smoky bars, Opry houses and music festivals around the southeast since she was 13.  And how's this for a story. Luke Bryan had heard her music through his mother.  So he called the then 17 year old.  She answered the phone, and he said 'This is Luke'.  She said 'Look, I live in South Georgia, and I know 58 Lukes. Which Luke are you?'  He said 'Luke Bryan'. She said 'Oh bleep, the important one'

He told her he liked her music, but she had to move to Nashville. Then 10 minutes later he called back and asked to speak to her father, to apologize for telling a minor to move 400 miles from home and follow her dream.

Fast forward.  She's writing song for Nashville's A listers. She'll be at 'Live In The Vineyards Goes Country' next month, and on tour this summer with Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert and Brothers Osborne. And now her own debut single. About her family. Vote Yea or Nay for  Caylee Hammack 'Family Tree'

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