The Maine CDC and DHHS have partnered to host a series of vaccine clinics for children, who have been unable to get to their doctor due to the pandemic.

So many things have fallen through the cracks, after the state shut down. For me, it's my eyes. I desperately need new glasses, but have been unable to go to the eye doctor. I can live with squinting for a little while longer until I can get an appointment. But kids who are behind on their vaccinations because they couldn't get in to see their pediatricians, however, are risking a lot more than an eye strain headache.

A series of vaccine clinics have been set up in 7 Maine counties, with more locations expected in the near future, so parents can start getting their children caught up on the vaccinations they've missed. The clinics are free and open to the public, although most do require that folks make an appointment. CDC officials say the clinics will be safe, with protective gear and deep cleaning and sanitizing, so parents shouldn't worry about their children's safety.

The clinics currently operating in Maine include:

  • Androscoggin County - Public Health Nursing Lewiston District Office - 287-6730 or 287-4112
  • Aroostook County - Public Health Nursing Caribou District Office - 287-6730 or 287-4112
  • Cumberland County - Public Health Nursing Portland District Office - 287-6730 or 287-4112
  • Knox County - Public Health Nursing Rockland District Office - 287-6730 or 287-4112
  • Penobscot County - Bangor Public Health Department - 992-4548
  • Washington County - Public Health Nursing Calais District Office or Public Health Nursing Machias District Office - 287-6730 or 287-4112

Dates vary for the availability of each county's clinic. Get the full schedule, and follow for updates, on the Maine Department of Health and Human Service's website.

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