Just about 3 and a half months from now it’ll be Christmas. No, don’t mean to rush you to get your tree up or start checking the gift list just yet. But if you are someone who flies somewhere for Christmas, now is the time to purchase airline tickets.  As in today.  This week for sure and prices probably will be slightly higher Friday than today.

Actually, yesterday was the day the airlines announced would be their lowest prices for the Christmas travel season.  But this week should generally be the lowest price.

If your plans are not firmed up yet, seat prices are not expected to skyrocket until the end of next month.  And expect the same thing if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving via airplane. The closer to the fourth Thursday in November we get, the more the cost to fly will increase.

Good news for procrastinators, as the prices rise the closer we get to both Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are willing to fly either on Thanksgiving day or for Christmas fly on the 25th, or Christmas Eve, the prices are much lower those days than the more popular few days before and a few days after.

Now to ponder where to go.  Is it on a family vacation, somewhere warm, or somewhere to enjoy winter weather?  Visiting family somewhere?

Whatever your reason for flying for Christmas, don’t wait, or you’ll pay more.  Ho Ho Ho. It will be here before you know it.

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