If you're not familiar with Forgotten Felines of Maine, they are a nonprofit group of volunteers that help care for free roaming, feral and abandoned cats in neighborhoods across the state. In some cases, they are there to offer advice, in other cases they help by launching fundraisers to pay for services that free roaming, feral or abandoned cats need from veterinarians. It's a noble cause and one that most people would assume wouldn't be criticized. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

Shared on Facebook by Forgotten Felines of Maine, a clearly frustrated and annoyed moderator of their social media page revealed one of the several anonymous letters the organization has received in the last few months criticizing the nonprofit for prioritizing the lives of cats over humans.

Inside the sharply worded letter, the anonymous writer proclaims that a recent fundraiser Forgotten Felines of Maine held attempting to raise $5,000 for a group of cats found a real estate property that is for sale is "ridiculous". They continue on:

"Cats will reproduce, not be able to find food and die. They reproduce in big numbers. That is nature"

Further down their letter, the anonymous writer scribes:

"Feeding the cats only encourages more cats and more cats and with food few will die. Dying is part of nature"

The anonymous writer makes mention that the thousands raised to help cats could be spent on the various families the writer claims to be currently helping through the COVID-19 crisis. They cited a few examples of the people who could use help but one particular line in the writer's closing paragraph seemed to strike a chord with commenters on Facebook.

"What you are doing is selfish."

Out of the more than 500 comments on the Forgotten Felines of Maine Facebook post, that line was referenced multiple times. While many commenters understand the frustrations of the anonymous writer, most of them had choice words in response to the letter claiming the work for Forgotten Felines of Maine is "selfish".

The organization plans to ignore the anonymous letters and continue their mission of helping as many free roaming, feral and abandoned cats in Maine as they possibly can.

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