A father and son are heading to prison after tying up an Auburn woman at gunpoint and stealing her vehicle.

According to the Sun Journal, 20-year-old John Michaud II and his father, John Michaud Sr., restrained the woman in her Park Avenue home last year, burglarized her house, and then stole her SUV and her motorcycle. The men held her at gunpoint through the entire ordeal, making her fear for her life. Tina Croteau told the judge that the attack has left her feeling unsafe in her own home.

The younger Michaud was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with all but seven years suspended, and three years probation. His father was ordered to serve 15 years, with five years suspended. The pair was also ordered to pay over seven thousand dollars in restitution to Croteau's insurance company, and over a thousand dollars in restitution to the victim, her husband, and a neighbor whose home was burglarized before the defendants moved on to Croteau's house.

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