Seeing as it's October, and we're all looking for something to scare us, I've found a movie that I must see!!! You all know of my fascination of the paranormal, things that go bump in the night, and of course Bigfoot...well 'Exists' is going to be one that I will see! You?


In 1998, a movie was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, then released to the public in July 1999, the movie was 'The Blair Witch Project' and the little movie that could, went on to rake in $248 Million dollars, and now, one half of the creative team for 'The Blair Witch Project', Eduardo Sánchez is the mastermind behind October 24th's release of 'Exists' in which a group of friends embark on a camping weekend in Texas, only to find they're being Bigfoot, and by the looks of it...he does Exist, but doesn't want anyone to know

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