Bigfoot wears a Carhartt jacket?

There are so many grainy videos posted where Bigfoot is seen supposedly prowling through the woods of Maine, that it's downright comical. Some of them are done in a clever way, and some of them are ridiculous.

A YouTube poster named ParaVoodoo recently uploaded a video that boasts "Raw footage from Turner, Maine." You might remember it. In reality, it's a video from 2015 that prompted an investigation from a noted Bigfoot expert.  

Now, we're not Bigfoot experts, but it seems to us that what you see is some guy walking in the woods with a dark winter jacket on. The super slow-mo closeups only add to the absurdity. He also writes "This dude catches Bigfoot on camera, also zooms in," Pretty sure that dude is you.

You get points for making me chuckle, ParaVoodo, but for now the elusive Sasquatch roams free.

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