Last night I wrapped up a recording session for local guitarist, Bill Pierce. Perhaps you've even heard of Bill. He teaches guitar at Northern Kingdom Music, and plays in local cover bands Shyboy and The Altar Boys. This morning I had to put all that gear back down in my own studio. Setting up a big set of drums takes a stupid amount of time, and I nearly talked myself out of it because I was feeling super lazy.

Then, almost as a joke, I checked my phone to see if I could record a time lapse video. I'm not totally sure what inspired me to make the video, since I don't own any of the necessary equipment, but if you saw the very badly jury-rigged tripod I "made", you would laugh yourself to sleep tonight. That said, I was actually pretty happy with the way the video came out. If you want a solid view of the finished product, look at the photo at the top.

Maybe you're a drummer, and can commiserate about how long it takes to set up your gear. Or maybe you know a drummer, and have endured the suffering of waiting for the drummer in your life to pack up all that junk at 2:00a.m.

But honestly, if life could occasionally turn on the time lapse so we could get through things like work, long road trips, or visiting the in-laws, umm yeah, that'd be great. In the meantime, just enjoy this short video, and wish that all the time consuming things on Earth could just be time-lapsed away.

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