Well, just when you started to breathe easy, the Bangor Daily News says that all that road work that didn't get finished up in the fall, will simply be moved onto the 2019 work calendar. So if you thought there was going to be some steady relief from the virtual onslaught of road construction, guess again, bucko.

As always, first and foremost, I am not insulting the folks who have to do the work. The men and women who work on our streets and roads to make them better, deserve all the praise in the world. It's a tough job, standing out in the extreme heat for hours on end, baking in the sun.

But, we all know come spring, we'll all be wanting to hang our heads out your car windows and yell at anyone that will listen. But try not to. You'll feel better about yourself. But, just the same, expect lots of delays, detours, and all-around inconvenience. And don't worry...I'm sure it won't be limited to just Bangor. I'm sure all the surrounding towns will be trying to finish up all their projects as well.

And, let's face it. They managed to get an exceptional amount of work done before it got too cold. Parts of my neighborhood were torn right up until the last possible day, it seemed. And in some spots, like Essex Street near Mary Snow School... So glad to see that part of the road nice and smooth. As compared to the suspension-ending pothole fiesta that it was.

Anyway... I've done enough venting for one day. I'm just getting warmed up to start my annual complaining about snow plows and icy roads. C'mon.... Life is more fun if you complain the whole time, right?!

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