When I woke up this morning to realize that the listeners of Q106.5 had not only given, but pushed us well over this year's goal for the egg ride, I was ready and willing to do my part.

After a great breakfast at the Hungry Holllow 76'ERS Snowmobile Club in Levant all of the egg riders got dressed and loaded up with eggs.It was immediately clear that the volunteers who loaded us up with eggs were having a great time. They especially had fun loading up the guys from Northwoods Law who were riding with us as "rookies."

It was great fun to come up to the road crossings on the trail, where the Wardens were there to be sure we crossed safely, and to lob a whole bunch of eggs at us as we rode by!

Here are some video highlights from the day and Pine Tree Camp Facilities Director Harvey Chesley explains in the video how some of the money you donated will be used.

I can tell you that all of us here at Q 106.5 were thrilled and honored to be part of such a successful fundraiser for the Pine Tree Camp!

Thank you so much for your generosity!

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