Every grave in the huge garden cemetery can now be located with just a last name!

Over 30 thousand souls call Mt Hope their permanent home. From Samuel Call, the first man buried here in 1836, to a former Vice President, you can find them all in the new Mt. Hope database.

As you can imagine, with stones dating back to the early 1800's, some have become one with nature again, some have been forgotten, and some were just lost. This led Mt. Hope Cemetery to create a searchable database of everyone in the cemetery.

Now by searching a last name you are shown a map locating the plot your looking for. It will also give you a few details like passing date and birthday as well as location of passing.

Here is the link to start searching! Some interesting names of graves to search are Hannibal Hamilin, Alfred Brady, Rufus Dwinel, and my personal favorite John Howard. Locate these on the map and then easily find them in Mt. Hope!

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