Country star Granger Smith turned to his alter ego Earl Dibbles, Jr. to show how "country folk" can avoid contracting the coronavirus.

It doesn't take long to realize the YouTube video is in jest, of course, as Dibbles' handy tips may not actually work so well in protecting against the pandemic — or, as Dibbles calls it, "pandemocrat."

"Today we are faced with a pandemocrat," Dibbles says in the video. "It is called the coronavirus. There’s certain ways country folk cannot get the coronavirus. Here’s how."

Dibbles then lists various ways to protect oneself against the coronavirus, and on paper, the rules — wash your hands, eat healthy, wear a mask, etc. — are quite sensible, but Dibbles' techniques are most likely not approved by the CDC.

Dibbles tip No. 1: "Wash your hands." Great advice, but Dibbles' technique of pouring a Coors Light on his fingers and rubbing them into the grass probably isn't compliant with CDC guidelines.

Dibbles tip No. 2: "Avoid places where there might be city people." Judging by the vast amount of land around him, it doesn't look like Dibbles gets many visitors, so this is probably an easy one for him.

Dibbles tip No. 3: "Sanitize the surfaces." Again, logical advice, but pouring beer onto the ground and rubbing it in before you lay on it may not qualify as "sanitized."

Dibbles tip No. 4: "Wear a mask." Dibbles goes a little extreme by putting on a full-blown gas mask, but we like that no one is catching his cough with this on.

Dibbles tip No. 5: "Eat healthy." Dibbles isn't talking about getting your greens. Instead, he shows three tobacco chew tins and says to "avoid artificial flavors like wintergreen and mint and stick with original blends," before putting a big wad of Copenhagen into his mouth.

Dibbles has other handy tips in the video as well, that won't necessarily defend you against coronavirus, but can help you laugh your way through it. Check them out in the video at the top of the story.

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