Traveling on I-495 in Massachusetts this driver experienced some bad luck when snow from another vehicle hits his windshield with scary consequences!

This video posted to YouTube last Thursday shows how dangerous traveling with a large pile of snow on top of your car can be for other drivers.

The video was posted by Jeffery Cote who says he was traveling in a 2003 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon on I-495S around mile marker 112.8 going about 70MPH. He says while the sheet of snow and ice was airborne for seconds he thought it was going to miss him or he would have braked harder.

Snow on the roof of your car is not only dangerous to other drivers. After the first big snow storm at the end of December I was traveling behind a SUV across the State st. Bridge from Bangor to Brewer and the car ahead of me was literally crashing repeatedly into the snow piles along the sidewalk barriers on the bridge and almost hit a pedestrian. I was quite concerned at first but soon noticed all the snow from their roof had crashed down onto the SUV's windshield crushing their wipers. The driver then drove the entire bridge blinded by the snow until they could pull over to clear off the car.

So please take the few extra minutes it takes to clear off your vehicle this winter. Can't reach the roof of your car? Do like the guy in the video below!