Something special happens when you stand in one certain spot and clap your hands here. We had to see what the hype is all about.

The 'Pickering Square Clap' is not what you think... it's actually quite intriguing! Legend says go to Pickering Square in Downtown Bangor near the parking garage and stand in the exact center. Here make one loud clap and listen for the echo. If you are standing in the right spot the echo will come back as a squeak, or more of a 'ping' sound!

This was tested out in the video above on a quiet night. While clapping and standing in the middle of the square the ping noise was very clear to the clapper and those directly next to the clapper. As you move away from the center and the clapper, the 'ping' is less audible, if at all.

If the clapper moves from the center to another spot in the square it just sounds like normal clapping!? Weirdest of all, this sound is impossible to catch on audio recording equipment! What is this witchcraft!?

So because we can't show you an example of the sound, we encourage you to go try it for yourself, and let us know the results! The best time to try is at night when it is more quiet and there are less people around to see you clapping by yourself in Pickering Square.


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