For more than 15 years a man and his family have been feeding wild deer to help sustain their herds in the harsh Maine winters.

What started as feeding a few deer has become a much bigger tradition than ever imagined. Now more than 100 deer on average flock to the feeding troughs when they hear the oats being poured!

The feeding will once again begin soon this year. December 15th is when the doors of the pantry are opened once again to the woodland creatures. The best part about this pantry is that they have two great webcams so you can watch feeding time without disturbing them! The cameras will be live from 1:30-3:30PM with feeding time at 2PM.

State biologists have visited the pantry to make sure the deer are getting their best diet without getting spoilt! The deer receive about 300lbs of oats a day. The cost of yearly oats is over $5000, but the owners of the pantry think it is well worth it! More details and to donate to the deer, click here.

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