Who doesn't love cows? Other cows than the Crazy Cash Cow.

Sometimes it is hard to keep them down on the farm. Sometimes they like to roam and provide an unexpected service to us.

Here comes an example of just that.

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When is the last time you saw cows in a cemetery?

This is Woodbine Cemetery in Ellsworth.

The groundskeeping crew doesn't have to worry about getting in there with their mowers anytime soon. These cows have any grass growing taken care of.

And don't worry about fertilizer either. They've got that covered too.

Truth be told I personally have been to this cemetery numerous times. It is a great place to get a walk and get your daily exercise. And complete confession, I have a video of my dog running very excitedly through the place and stopping for some grazing too.

Bonus with Woodbine Cemetery, Momo's Cheesecake is right across the street if you get hungry after your walk. Or halfway through it if you just can not wait.

And if those cows want to come back, this is from later in May.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Something colorful to add to the grass.

When I reached out to Woodbine Cemetery sexton, Marc Blanchette, here is what he said about the video

I never knew cows could garner so much attention.

If you are wondering where the cows came from to be in the cemetery, there is a farm down over the embankment in the northwest corner of the upper part of the cemetery. The same farm that has a donkey that can be clearly heard most of the day from up there.

Hope they're back comfortably on the farm, but as far as I'm concerned, don't be a stranger. Moo to you all. And say howdy to the donkey.

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