We've all been there. Sometimes even though you know you should be out there getting it done, you just don't want to put on your boots, and hat, and mittens, and all that junk. You just wanna stay right where you are. Or maybe other times, you just need to prove a point.

And sometimes maybe that point is.... anyone can get out there with a shovel and move some snow, but not everyone is a straight up genius that is gonna move that mother truckin' snow with a remote control bulldozer!

Abby Blinkhorn of Portland, filmed her husband, Thomas Whalen, as he took a solid hour to clean the snow off the deck with his rugged RC dozer. A man after my own heart, really. Because it really shouldn't be about whether or not you can do something, it's that sometimes you just have to.

I'm not saying it's the case here, but I've spent hours it seems, trying to come up with ways to do certain tasks that make me look like a rock star, because I still want my wife to think I'm cool. Even though most of the time she probably just wonders what she's gotten herself into. Well tough luck there, baby! You're stuck now!

But I think this video shows that Thomas is a man who stands up for all men. Even when his wife posts a video that is of him to doing something completely ludicrous. I, for one, applaud you, Thomas Whalen. Thanks for keeping it real, bro.

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