The City of Bangor has posted a map on its website, that identifies businesses providing services to customers.

A map went up on the City of Bangor's website during the first week of social distancing, detailing restaurants. But the newly expanded map includes much more. So if you're looking for restaurant food, it's a great way to find places that don't normally have takeout. And if you're in need of anything from photography services to craft supplies, you can search those businesses, as well. Businesses are also now able to edit their own listings, which will help as they navigate the best way to provide their services while keeping everyone safe.

It's an interactive map, so residents can search by the categories of items they're seeking. If you're looking for grocery stores, for example, the map will show you the locations, in the greater Bangor area, where stores are open to the public. The names of the businesses are listed and their locations specified on the map. Click on the name of a store or restaurant and a box will pop up with the business hours, whether they're offering pickup, delivery, or curbside service, and other pertinent information.

Downtown Coordinator Betsy Lundy said in a media release, "This new map will provide a much needed link between consumers who seek to shop local and businesses who are continuing to provide service to customers in new and innovative ways."

The map can be found on the City of Bangor's website.

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