You've probably realized by now, that thanks to the internet, there's a "national such-and-such" day all the time. It could be anything from National Ice Cream Day, to National Zit Popping Day. But once in a while, the powers that be, just nail it. And this Thursday is DOGust 1st! What's that, you ask?

It is known as the universal birthday for shelter dogs! It seems to serve two purposes. 1) It gives all shelter dogs a birthday. Sometimes I imagine, actual birthdays for pets fall by the wayside, so now they can start fresh. And 2) It helps bring awareness to the plight of shelter dogs everywhere.

We've all seen photos and commercials of sad, sad dogs in the shelter, waiting to be adopted. And sometimes we're also lucky enough to see after-photos of dogs that have been adopted, and how unbelievably happy they look. So with the universal birthday, it gives different opportunities for promotion and awareness.

Maybe you already own a shelter dog, and have made it the happiest, cutest little furball on the face of the planet. Or maybe you've been thinking about getting a dog, and hopefully feel like maybe a shelter dog would be a good fit. So who knows... Thursday might just be the day for you to make a dog happier than it's been in years.

Visit your local shelter!!!

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