The episode titled, "Sick and Evil" is set in Lewiston, Maine!  That is probably not going to boost tourism.

According to the Portland Press Herald it's the 14th episode of the 14th season of CBS’s hit show “Criminal Minds” set in Lewiston. It's an FBI drama.

This is how CBS officially describes the episode:

The BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) leads the investigation into a string of murders taking place in supposedly haunted houses in Lewiston, Maine.

The Press Herald quoted comedian Mark Turcotte who opened the local chamber awards dinner Thursday night.

“It’s a little harsh. Maybe limit the title to one word: ‘Sick’ or ‘Evil.’ . . . Someone get Joe Mantegna a Simones’ hot dog. He’ll change his tune real quick.

If you've seen 'Criminal Minds', Joe Mantegna plays David Rossi from the FBI.

Here's what we know...that murders are happening at haunted houses in Lewiston, Maine. We have no idea if they will reference anything local, or show anything, or try to do a Maine accent - which will royally blow. But we might as well watch it!

Criminal Minds (Photo courtesy of CBS)

I see they have one of Lewiston's finest on the case!  :Let's see how close they came to a real Lewiston Police badge.

Lewiston Police Dept Facebook
Criminal Minds (Photo courtesy of CBS)

Close enough. Hey, that could be their next CBS crime show, 'Close Enough'.

The Lewiston episode in on 10 p.m. this Wednesday, the 30th on CBS.