Thanksgiving and Christmas are now just two and three months away. We are facing the decision of how we will celebrate amid the pandemic. If you’ve been following the guidelines all along, would you throw caution to the wind and still participate in Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions of family dinners as we have in the past? By this, meaning will extended family and friends participate in events at each other’s homes. Obviously we’ve been on lockdown with our immediate families, so it’s totally expected that all is unaffected when it comes to parents and siblings.

What about extended family? If you’re the host, are you going to stand guard at your front door with sanitary wipes? “Hold on a second Aunt Karen, wait right there at the door, I’ll go get the Q-Tip to shove up your nose. Far up your nose.” And you stay right there too Uncle Bob I need to take your temperature before you can come in.

My thought is those who are in the grocery store today without a mask, or not social distancing, will have their Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas gatherings just like always, including Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen. And those that have taken fewer risks, will continue on that path. Makes sense.

I do remember many Thanksgivings and Christmases having to travel and although I miss the people I’d get to see every year, I don’t miss the travel.

Anybody wish you a Happy Thanksgiving or a Merry Christmas yet? No, let me be the first. Be safe, and remember we’re still blessed.

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