If you think that the birds know something that you don't, you could be right.

You've seen it time and time again when the skies are darkening, a huge flock of seagulls congregating and laying still in a parking lot or a field. The birds seem to have an inkling as to what's about to happen, and take comfort in numbers, but how?

Can seagulls predict when it will storm?

It's always been believed that birds and animals have a premonition as to what is going to happen next. Legend has it that cows lay down in a field before it rains and animals become restless just before an earthquake. But is it true?


Apparently, seagulls are very sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in both air and water pressure, which tells them when the weather is going to change for the worse, according to Sciencing.com.  You may even take notice of a group of them flying in a circle prior to a storm, as they try to right themselves and become used to the change in air pressure.

So, when you see numerous seagulls laying low in high numbers in places like the track infield at the Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School or at Doyle Field in Brewer, you can be pretty much guaranteed that the skies will open up shortly and rain.

Seagulls will also fly very low to the water and inland sometimes up to an hour preceding a storm of any sort, and lobster fishermen have been using them to predict the weather for years.

So what about earthquakes?  Can seagulls predict those as well?

Seems to depend on who you ask. The U.S. Geological Survey, the government organization that knows their stuff when it comes to earthquakes, says no, they cannot.  But, certain biologists will tell you that seagulls are sensitive to very low pulses called infrasounds, and when they hear them can react to both storms and earthquakes that may be hours or even days away.

So, you may want to play it safe when the gulls become concerned.

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