A casual trip to a Downeast campground for a woman and her husband turned into something a little more interesting recently, when they found a young dog confined in a black wire cage alone on the side of the road.

Jonelle Hennequin from the Washington County town of Charlotte discovered the abandoned canine in the middle of an bright and sunny 80 degree day on the Sweeney Road in Robbinston, a town right next door to Calais.  The dog that Ms. Hennequin estimates to be less than a year old had a bowl of dog food along with an empty water dish inside the cage with it, and a small trash can labeled "dog stuff" sat outside of the cage.

A business card from an Arizona car dealership with the word "Free" on it was attached to the cage.

Ms. Hennequin told the Calais Advertiser that the couple initially thought that the crated dog may have fallen from the back of a truck, until they saw the dishes inside the cage along with the business card.  The couple brought the very timid dog home and called the local animal control officer.

The story doesn't stop there.

Ms. Hennequin has accepted surrendered horses and other animals in the past for rehabilitation, and because of the timidness of the abandoned dog she refuses to give it up to authorities during their investigation.  She has named the dog Hemi and plans on keeping it, along with her four other dogs.

"He will have a safe and happy home here, and I am more than capable and qualified to care for him as he deserves to be", she told the local newspaper.

Meanwhile the local animal control officer would like possession of the dog as he investigates, and scans the cage that was left behind for DNA and fingerprints so that the former owner can be charged with animal cruelty.

Ms. Hennequin doesn't want the dog to be caged and left at the local shelter while the investigation continues. She also mentioned the business card that was affixed to the cage with the word "free" on it, and feels that she has accepted that offer.

In the meantime, she has taken the dog to the local vet and it has received all of its shots, and she has even licensed the animal as well. She informed us today that the Animal Welfare office in Augusta is not interested in taking the dog away from her, but apparently  the local animal control officer continues to want possession.

Anyone with any information about the abandoned dog is asked to call the local animal control officer at 1-207-904-7194.

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