Some bystanders are being credited with saving the life of an accident victim, just before his truck burst into flames.

The accident happened Wednesday afternoon, when a pickup driven by 36-year-old Daniel Burditt of Gardiner veered across the centerline and struck another pickup, nearly head-on. Both Burditt and the other driver, 76-year-old Thomas Sinclair of Topsham were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. But the outcome could have much different, if not for a few people who saw the crash happen.

30-year-old Thomas Foster told the Kennebec Journal that he was inside his house when he heard the screeching tires and subsequent crash. He ran outside to see if he could help, and noticed Sinclair slumped behind the wheel of his truck, which was on fire. He yelled 'fire' several times and, when the driver was unable to get out, yanked the door open as far as he could and began pulling the elderly man out of the vehicle. Two others ran to help, including Pam Bois, who had been driving behind one of the trucks. The three people were able to pull Sinclair to safety, just moments before the truck became fully engulfed in flames.

The crash remains under investigation.

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