The Bucksport Town Council has approved a plan that will give financial assistance to local residents and businesses.

In a town where the mill closure has already provided financial hardship for its residents and local businesses, being laid off because of a pandemic is the last thing they needed. So the Town Council decided they needed to find a way to help, especially as the country awaits the delivery of those stimulus checks.

So Town Manager, Susan Lessard proposed a plan called, 'Pay It Forward Bucksport,' and it was approved by the council. WVII-TV reports the plan includes $100 gift cards that will be given monthly to families that have lost jobs, $500 a month for small businesses that have been forced to close, and free meal plans for seniors. All told, the plan will cost $115,000, which will be taken from the town's undesignated fund.

In addition, the plan will provide $5,000 each for Bucksport Community Concerns and for Home, Inc. The aim is to make life easier for residents councilors hope will stick around, in a region that's seen more than its fair share of challenges.

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