Blue Hill Heritage Trust will host the inaugural Blue Hill Mountain Trail Fest, which will be held in conjunction with the Trust's annual community conservation celebration all to happen on Blue Hill Mountain Saturday August 5th.

The conservation celebration is scheduled for 10:00 AM until Noon that day.

Upon first look at the Mountain from the bottom, it looks daunting. But the way the trail was laid out makes it a very pleasant climb, yet also a sense of accomplishment until completing the task.

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There was also a plan years ago put into place, for the real hikers. Their path further along Mountain Road is much more of an incline.

And as part of the trail fest event there will be a 5K, a 10K, and a 50K trail race and alsoBlue a kids scramble race which takes place on the level ground opposite the parking lot on the way to the trail head.

The day will include live music food, and other family friendly activities.

And mainly or most important this is a day for the community and those from the area to celebrate Blue Hill Mountain.

More information about the race or the day in general here is the website for Blue Hill Heritage Trust

And of course, on August 5th or any day that you climb Blue Hill Mountain, take a selfie. Carefully, of course.  And that cell phone coverage is excellent at the top of the mountain. Just sayin'.


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