Another shot at banning the use of lead ammunition while hunting in Maine has been struck down.

Lawmakers have voted down a bill that would have banned hunting with lead ammunition. LD 1015 — An Act To Ban Hunting with Ammunition That Contains Lead would have added to a ban that was passed 30 years ago. In 1991, it became illegal nationwide to use lead shot for waterfowl hunting. LD 1015 would have forced Maine hunters to switch completely non-lead ammunition, which is hard to find as it is, let alone durring a massive ammo shortage.

The final committee disposition was a unanimous "ought not to pass," meaning the bill is officially dead. The vote echos the findings of a poll we conducted back in April, when the bill began working though the legislative hurtles. According to the poll results a vast majority of respondents did not favor a lead ammo ban, 87% to 13%.

David McNew, Getty Images
David McNew, Getty Images

Another anti-hunting bill that was discussed by the legislature failed to gain traction. LD 1265 - An Act To Control the Means of Hunting Coyotes, would have drastically changed the tactics of hunting coyotes in Maine. The bill was unanimously voted down in committee, and formally stuck down on the House floor.

The bill would have made it illegal to night hunt coyotes, hunt them with the use dogs, and using bait. The bill also would've imposed civil violations on hunters caught breaking the amended rules of the hunt. Violations would cost a hunter $100-$500, and or the loss of their hunting privileges for a year.

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