Concern for the safety of participants has prompted the planners of the 2021 Maine Witch Walk to cancel this year's get-together.

In 2019, a group of people gathered in Brewer, dressed in their best witchy garb. There was no agenda, no evil intentions, and no charity involved. It was just a bunch of people who wanted to celebrate Halloween and have some fun. They walked, as one, across the bridge from the Brewer IGA parking lot to the Bangor Waterfront, where they encountered some of the members of the Bangor Zombie Walk. Once there, the witches quickly formed lines and started the Witch Dance. The music was addictive and the overall feeling of fun was contagious. I was there and filmed the witches, as they danced.

Maybe this event appealed to me because I grew up as a Brewer Witch. Dressing in black clothes, striped stockings, and large pointy hats was a way of life. As a matter of fact, I was a witch last Halloween, for a small family gathering.

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Cindy Campbell, Townsquare Media

So, when I heard that the Maine Witch Walk was back on for this year, I was excited to take more video of the revelers. But I totally respect the organizers' decision to postpone the next event to 2022. Nothing ruins a party quicker than an outbreak of COVID-19. Even a Brewer Witch doesn't have a spell to eliminate the virus long enough to dance.

But maybe this is still an event that you could celebrate. Put on your pointy hat and do your own witch dance, and post the video under this post on Facebook with #mainewitchwalk.

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