Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

Starts with Baseball. Drive your child to the game in your auto, and maybe have a slice of apple pie after the game.

But it starts with Baseball. Or softball.

Bangor West Little League President Matt Donahue echoes the baseball part of the equation

Little League has been a staple of our community for generations. And it is more than just playing  the sport and improving  the skills of our players. Bangor West Little League continues to create lifelong friendships and memories among teammates, and develops important life skills, like teamwork, accountability and leadership

And it is fun to play.

And you get a cool uniform.

Who knows, it might lead to a career with the Red Sox. It could happen.

Bangor West Little League Baseball and Softball registration is underway for the upcoming season. Here’s the link to get signed up on line.

In addition to the online sign-up, there will be an in-person registration event, and that will take place this Sunday, March 13th between Noon and 3 p.m. Day Light Saving Time. Hero’s Sports Grill at 41 Washington Street in Bangor is the place to register in person. And Hero’s is offering a free kids meal with every adult entrée purchased during the event.

Kids playing ball is a sign the worst of the pandemic might well be behind us.

Back to Matt:

After the past couple of challenging years for kids and parents alike, we’re excited to get back on the field this spring. We’re looking forward to providing an opportunity for affordable youth baseball and softball to our area kids

The umpire gets the last word

Play Ball

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