Clean those cars off!

The Bangor Police Department Facebook page has become something of a phenomenon, with a whopping 331,000 follwers from all over the world. As impressive as that is, they also have inspired other police depaermtnets around the country to have a good sense of humour in their social media posts.

Never one to miss a moment, they posted some helpful hints, as we prepare for another round of snow, with an expected 2-5 inches of snow headed our way today and into tonight.

Maine driving can be a very stressful and anxiety-filled experience, especially during the winter months. I will never forget driving home from work one day on I-395 from Brewer to Bangor. I was doing about 60 mph when a giant truck flew by me, and the driver didn't bother to clean the ice and snow off of their vehicle, so sheets of it came flying at my windshield, and it basically whitewashed me. I drove the following 3 or 4 seconds terrified, but, hey, I made it out alive. Although those few seconds felt like a lifetime!

So remember to keep your vehicle clean, prepare for school cancellations, and drive at a slow pace, allowing other drivers to be safe on the roads.

As always, people had plenty to say in the comments section of the BPD post:

Alice Frati

I’m a wait and see girl. The huge storm that was supposed to hit us a few days ago, well sheepishly the weatherman stated we were in a “snow hole”. Nothing happened. So these snow events may go out to sea or we may get a dusting. Then again we may get dumped on. We’ll see.

Micheline Beluse

I don't put: shovel, broom, window sweeper and eco-pet friendly deicer away until May. I've seen just enough weather patterns to be wary...AND have learned to cocoon when I know some folks use the roads for brake practice or racing in snowy weather. I have also learned not to follow the big plows that also spray road salt: I hang waaaayyy behind those cowboys. Yep. I'm that old.

Ellen Morrissette

Oh you are so right about the weather... 30 years ago... Mar 1993... In central ME, I remember major storms every other weekend! All in March which had 5 weekends! Each storm dropped 24 + inches... That's more than 6 feet in one month!! Was fun for certain!

Debra Berntsen

February is slamming the door on us! But, this newly predicted weather advisory is for 3-5 inches and that is "nothing". The kids around here are on vacation this week so they should have plenty to keep them busy! That's if the get off their phones and go out!

Linda Murch Paduan

Your common sense advice, delivered as lightly as our last few snow "storms" were, should always carry weight. Many of us grew up with this common sense within us. Sadly, some keep forgetting.

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