Yesterday, Dana Flood, who owns Northern Kingdom Music here in the Bangor area, was inducted into the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame. According to a post from, Flood was honored yesterday at the ceremony held in Mechanic Falls.

He's never been one to seek out the spotlight, to the point of not even telling his employees at the store about his big honor. He's always sought to just be the best man for the job, making other people look good.

It's an entirely self-indulgent thing, I've never been after any fame and glory of my own, other than to be just the best backup musician that I can possibly be.

His main love in the realm of stringed instruments, is the pedal steel. Which accounts for most of the playing he's done over the years, where he estimates he's done over 12,000 gigs in his lifetime. That's no small feat for any musician!

He's played with super-stars of country music like George Jones and Johnny Lee. He likes a lot of new country too, and sharing all his knowledge with new-comers that come through the shop.

It's my hobby, it's my profession, it's my passion....There's still a lot of traditional country music here where in other parts of the country, there really isn't at all," said Flood. "When I talk to people there, they're like 'wow they have country music in Maine?' and I'm like's part of America.

So big congrats to Dana on his major achievement! It's not every day a person is recognized by their peers for having accomplished so much. I hope someday I can have a resume half as impressive as his. Nicely done sir.


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