For the second time this week, mountain rescuers assisted game wardens in helping a hiker with a broken leg. This time it was a 44-year-old woman who fell on a steep section of a trail on Borestone Mountain in Greenville. On Wednesday, a teen from Montreal had to be rescued after breaking his leg on the Appalachian Trail.

In the wake of the domestic violence homicides in Madison, some organizations are encouraging victims to reach out. Kelly Brown, program manager for the Next Step Domestic Violence project told WVII that the number of people seeking help goes up each year, and it’s not because there are more cases, but because more people are realizing that help is available. If you are experiencing domestic violence or believe you know someone who is, log onto next step DV project dot org for more information or dial 211 for a list of services in your area.

Maine's congressional delegation says the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved up to $10 million to purchase surplus Maine blueberries. The Wild blueberries industry is struggling with a steep decline in prices to farmers. The congressional delegation says on Thursday that the USDA's purchase will hopefully help farmers by stabilizing prices.

A Bangor resident who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday says she has the secret to a long life. The Massachusetts native dedicated her life to running a restaurant and serving others before retiring. Florence Bearse told reporters that she likes her wine and adds that people shouldn’t take any baloney if they want to live as long as she has.

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