Bangor Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the driver of a vehicle that struck a bicyclist in Downtown Bangor and then fled the scene. Witnesses called 911 at around 4:30 and told police the motorist sped off after the accident. There’s no word on how badly the cyclist was hurt, but the BDN reports he was conscious at the scene.

Senator Susan Collins is apologizing after she was captured on a live microphone making fun of a Texas Congressman who, a day earlier, blamed quote – some female senators from the Northeast’ end quote – for blocking health care legislation and said he wished he could challenge them to a duel. Collins was overheard telling another senator that Representative Blake Farenthold is so unattractive, it’s unbelievable.

The Maine Department of Labor says the majority of businesses won't be able to fire an employee for a marijuana-positive drug test unless they can prove impairment on the job. Supporters of the marijuana referendum say the law leaves employer protections in place and allows them to maintain drug-free workplace policies, but the Labor Department wants the law changed to give employers more rights.

The American Folk Festival needs volunteers as the event is only a month away. It takes about 800 volunteers, in a variety of roles, to pull off the annual 3-day event and, so far, there are only about 25 percent  of the positions filled. For more information on volunteering and to pick the shifts and duties that you want to perform, log onto American Folk Festival dot com.


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