Bangor Police arrested an 'I' Street man who threatened to burn down his  home and then refused to exit the building, creating a standoff Tuesday night. Officials say Matthew Gormely displayed a gas  container, and had to be subdued with rubber bullets after walking out of the building. He faces several charges, including terrorizing and creating a police standoff.

A Bangor non-profit is working to find permanent homes for the area's homeless population. Founder Jamie Beck says she's hoping to expand the organization's services to include job counseling and training, but the immediate need is for financial support. Find more information on the Dignity First website and on our Sunday morning program, Maine Concerns.

The American Lung Association says Maine gets A's for funding for state tobacco prevention programs, smoke-free workplace laws, coverage and access to help with quitting, and raising the legal age to 21. However, the state got  a C for its  lack of leadership efforts in raising the tobacco tax. The worse numbers are reflected in the number of Maine middle schoolers using tobacco, which is the  highest in the nation.

Maine needs to invest more in community-based services, to reduce the number of incarcerated minors. Those are the findings of a national policy group contracted by the Maine Department of Corrections. Early results suggest that more than half of the detained youth were held because the state lacked the proper programs and services.

Two people from Maine are taking part in the Tough Ruck, a marathon held the day before the Boston Marathon in which participants carry weighted sacks. Game Warden Jonathan Parker says he’s running in honor of fallen game wardens, while Brewer Orthodontist Anthony Liberatore will run in honor of the victims of the September 11th attacks.

A Rockland woman turns 104 this month and says she enjoys parties, singing, and watching sports, especially the Red Sox. Vera Pine says she even got a call from Jason Varitek on her 100th birthday. Her life  advice is simple....she says  you should live life to the fullest and be kind to everyone.

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