A Hartland man faces life in prison, after pleading guilty to 13 charges, including 10 counts of attempted murder. Richard Murray-Burns shot a Waterville Police Officer twice after being pulled over, and then shot at several other officers during a high speed pursuit through Kennebec and Somerset Counties in 2019. The chase ended when Murray-Burns was shot by police.  

Governor Janet Mills has briefed President Biden that Maine is preparing to accept refugees fleeing Afghanistan. The Portland Press Herald reports that Afghan Americans living in the state say they’re struggling to help their overseas families flee before the August 31st deadline. So far, there’s been no confirmation that Biden will be sending any refugees to Maine.  

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is now offering pronoun buttons for staff, patients, and visitors. The buttons are meant to make others more comfortable by indicating which pronouns the wearer wishes to be used to address them.  

The Episcopal Diocese announced this week that all members of their clergy and staff will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. A memo that went out to all area churches also asked members of the clergy to encourage parishioners to do the same.  

The Piscataquis Valley Fair starts today, after taking last year off due to the pandemic. The weekend will include all the usual agricultural exhibits and competitions, as well as the popular midway.   

The Blue Hill Fair is going digital, at least on the midway. The games and rides will still be open and available, but patrons will use an app downloaded to their phones or swipe a card to pay for them on the new cashless midway.

Skinny New England Home Built Out of Spite is For Sale for $1.2M

As the story goes according to Boston Magazine, the home was said to have been built by a man in 1890 on a plot of land that was left by his father to him and his brother. Well, this guy had been off fighting in the Civil War, and once he returned he discovered that his brother had gone ahead and built a big house on that land.

Then, out of pure spite he built the skinny spite house on the remaining plot between his brother's house and another building to block sunlight and harbor views from his brother.

41 Maine AF Tattoos

Check out these pieces done by tattoo artists from all through the 207 and beyond. Ink on lifelong Mainers and those who have moved around and wanted to take a piece of Vacationland with them. 

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