Heads up if you are flying out of Bangor within the next two months, figuring out where to leave your car will be a little different.

Bangor International Airport via Facebook
Bangor International Airport via Facebook

As the airport continues efforts to update the interior of the airport, they will also be sprucing up the long term parking lots.

According to the Bangor International Airport Facebook, what was previously short term parking is now long term with spots on the outside of the lot left for short term parking. However it should be noted short term parking will have a 2 hour maximum park time with no fee, but excess of 2 hours will lead to your vehicle being towed.

The roadway in front of the terminals are also being effected as they are down to one lane where it is normally two, one-way lanes.

If you are traveling from the airport between now and October you will want to arrive extra early to prepare for any delays or confusion. See the map above for details on parking during this time.

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