'Gran Fondo Hincapie' comes to Bangor this Saturday.

Hincapie is the family name. One of the brothers is a noted cyclist. And the family makes clothing.

Gran Fondo translates to ‘Big Ride’

And it’s not just one big bike ride. It is 3 options.

80 miles.  52 miles.  Or 15 miles.

Give or take.


Gran Fondo Hincapie is a series of events put on all around the country. And the way this Saturday’s events are billed suggests this is their first trip to Bangor Maine.

They called it WAY up north! Not too many of us call Bangor way up north.

The ad also states ‘Escape the summer heat’  Won’t they be surprised with how hot and humid Maine has been this summer.

But welcome. This will be an interesting and very different event. For cyclists and for spectators.

Riders choose between the 3 course lengths. All will start and finish at the waterfront in Bangor. FYI, the 80 mile course takes you from Bangor to Bucksport and Castine and back.

Cyclist riding a bike to the sunset on the highway

Automobile drivers be extra cautious this Saturday all over the area.

Not a biker ready to commit to that length ride? They are looking for volunteers at the start and finish and along the routes, maybe that will help introduce you to what the event is all about.

They do plan to make this a regular stop and an annual event for Bangor.

This year the expectation is hundreds of bikers. Over 500 have already signed up, meaning their coming from away to see Maine’s beauty first hand.

Cyclist riding a bike in Duluth, MN
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

In future years, the event could handle 2,500 riders.

And it’s not just riding.  Saturday afternoon back on the waterfront there will be an awards ceremony, followed by free food and a beverage for all.

Saturday’s event begins at 9 a.m. with pre-registration Friday afternoon. Info here.

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