The City of Bangor will be celebrating National Arbor Day today April 29, by planting a tree at 9:00 am in front of City Hall.

The planting ceremony will be attended by the City of Bangor Council Chair, Richard L. Fournier II, Bangor City Manager, Debbie Laurie, and Public Works Director, Aaron Huotari.

If you get to attend, here’s hoping it will give you hope.

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Trees which are pretty easy to take for granted in the state of Maine are very important to so much on earth. Since they are everywhere, trees might think we take them for granted. We really shouldn't.

But Arbor Day, which is today, is a day to observe their importance, and let them know we do appreciate all they mean to us on this planet.

If you drive around Bangor the neighborhoods with lots of trees ‘feel’ better, don’t’ they?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all plant a tree somewhere today.

City of Bangor
City of Bangor

National Arbor Day began in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. More than a million trees were planted that day. Quite an accomplishment.

Since then, all 50 states participate in the day and the celebration of trees.

Trees help our health.  They clean our air. They provide shade from the hot sun in the summer, and they give us lots to do with our rakes in the fall. And so much more.

Thank you to all the trees out there.  Respect.

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