I’m still figuring out the pronunciation. When I have to say it out loud, I just say it quickly and confidently.

On Thursday, May 18th at 6 pm, Downtown Charcuterie and Your Day Just Started will be hosting a Charcuterie Board & Candle Maker Event where you can learn the basics of candle making, create your own candle with your choice of scent, as well as make your very own charcuterie snack board. Sounds like a super lovely evening.

The event is perfect for beginners, as no prior experience is necessary, and all materials will be provided. You'll learn Charcuterie Board 101 with Downtown Charcuterie, where you'll make your own snackable board with meats, cheese, fruits, veggies, carbs, and sweets. While your candle cures, you can sit back and enjoy your delicious snacks.

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But that's not all - Your Day Just Started will have an assortment of other candles for purchase, and there will even be a raffle to win a free 9 oz. candle of your choice. 

Your Day Just Started is a brand that wants to help change your everyday life for the better by creating quality products that help create positive environments for people to grow and live in. They believe that influencing your mood in a positive way will create a snowball effect leading to better days and relaxing evenings after work. Your Day Just Started is also dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds to mental health awareness and organizations that help those in need.

So, if you're looking for a fun and unique way to spend your evening, head on over to Downtown Charcuterie's Charcuterie Board & Candle Maker Event on May 18th at 6 pm.

Tickets can be purchased on Your Day Just Started’s website, here.

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