A group of Bangor-area healthcare and community organizations have launched a campaign, encouraging residents to wear face coverings.

Everyone seems to be talking about masks, these days. Some are absolutely in favor of them, while others feels they're unnecessary. Then there's the dilemma of where to find a mask, if you don't have a sewing machine or aren't handy enough to make your own. Passions are running high on both sides of the argument, and people who are 'on the fence' about what to do could really use a source of information to answer their questions.

Enter the Community Health Leadership Board with their new 'Mask Up for ME' campaign. Their website will answer all your questions, including the proper way to put on a mask. (by the ear loops....never touch the mask itself) Should children wear masks? How do I teach my child the importance of keeping it on, whenever we're in a situation where it's necessary? You'll find these answers on the site, as well.

Plus, the folks at Mask Up for ME are collecting donations of sewn masks, to be distributed to those in need. And they're accepting financial donations to help fund the project. So, if you need masks, you can contact them, and they'll either direct you to a distribution site, or send them to you, complete with wearing and washing instructions. Or, if you want to make your own, they have directions on how to do that.

In addition, the site offers information about COVID-19, including how it affects children and what symptoms to watch out for. The Maine CDC says face coverings protect others from germs that you could be spreading. Before you say you're not sick, remember that you can be contagious while still non-symptomatic. Graphics on the website will also demonstrate why it's important to still practice social distancing, even if you're wearing a mask.

So, tuck a few masks in your car, coat pockets, and purses. That way, you'll always have one with you, when you need them. We're all in this together. Show others you care about them by wearing your face coverings.

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