An Augusta man is indicted on multiple charges after allegedly stealing a number of items, including manhole covers.

29-year-old David Dickens faces four separate indictments, for several different thefts that all took place in Augusta. Among the items that Augusta Police say were stolen were DVD's, a pet hair remover, and two manhole covers from Green Street.

Removing a manhole cover is tough work, according to utility company officials, who say that they weigh between 250 and 300 pounds each. Brian Tarbuck, of the Greater Augusta Utility District, told that utility workers use industrial magnets with levers to lift them off, so stealing them couldn't have been easy. Augusta Police were able to recover the stolen covers, thanks to local scrapyard operators who traditionally question anyone bringing them in because they're unusual. And Tarbuck says, luckily, there were no accidents caused by the open manholes.

Dickens is also accused of stealing a pet hair remover device from Walgreens, DVD's from Shaw's, liquor from Hannaford, and violating conditions of his release.

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