Waterfront Concerts' promoter, Alex Gray, is returning to Old Town, with plans to open music and entertainment establishments.

The man who brings huge names in the music industry to Bangor, actually got his start in Old Town. Gray was the owner of the Ushuaia nightclub, until it closed in 2005. Just five years later, he started the Waterfront Concerts in Bangor and never looked back. Until now, that is.

He's planning to open a restaurant and nightclub in his hometown and, possibly, a small music venue next door. WFVX-TV reports Gray bought the building at 283 North Main Street and the building that stands next to it. 283 is the former home of a bar called '10 North Main' and was a sporting goods store when Gray was growing up.

Gray says he's considering making the first floor of the building a restaurant and lounge, while the second floor will feature nightclub-type entertainment some nights, and possibly some singer/songwriter evenings. As for the second building, he says it could be either a music venue or a nightclub. Ultimately, he just wants to offer some more entertainment options for University of Maine students.

At this point, Gray says he's not sure when the businesses will open.

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