A new bill proposed in the Maine legislature is raising some eyebrows for multiple reasons. According to NewsCenterMaine, a group of legislators has proposed a bill called "An Act To Reduce the Number of Domestic Assaults and Suicides By Increasing the Tax on Alcohol". However, after its proposal, several other state legislators claim that the title of the bill is too misleading.

Bottles of liquor

So what would the bill do if passed? It would raise taxes on various types of alcohol by a rather staggering amount. Malt liquor would see a 43% tax increase on manufacturing and selling. Low alcohol spirits would see a 21% tax increase on the same thing. For hard cider drinkers, this bill could really hit the pocket book. The bill would tag a 43% tax increase on hard cider imported into the state.

But it will be wine enthusiasts who have to do a double-take when it comes to this bill. If passed, 67% tax increase would be added for manufacturing or selling wine in Maine. That is an astounding increase.

The bill is only in the proposal stage and would have to clear several more hurdles before being voted into law. What do you think? Would this be a good idea for Maine?

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