We found photos of the inside of this abandoned civil defense bunker in the woods from someone who got in before the doors were welded closed forever. Some of the photos are pretty creepy!

According to the Bangor Daily News the bunker was built in 1965 covering 8,000 square feet. Built to withstand bombs and other foreign attacks the bunker was state-of-the-art at one time, but soon became outdated and useless.

The bunker was also used somewhat recently as a jail for some female inmates from the Penobscot County Jail while it underwent construction in 1986, but that only lasted for two years.

Now the structures sit, barely visible in spots, off the UMaine bike trails along Stillwater Avenue. Even though these bunkers were built to withstand warfare, they have been destroyed by vandals and time. All entrances are sealed for safety. Not that we could find them anyway! (They were so well hidden).

If you never got to see the inside you are in luck! In the photo gallery, we have photos from the inside of the bunker from a Group that calls itself the Bangor Explorer's Guild. They were lucky enough to get photos of the inside so everyone can see what was inside without risking their lives!

To get to the bunker's location park at the University of Maine bike trail lot just a little ways before you get to the Old Town Elementary School. Follow the paved trail until you are behind the elementary school and there you will see a power line running into the forest with an unpaved trail. The trail will take you to the bunker just a short distance into the woods. You will see red/orange poles among the trees and some debris like part of an old bed. Use caution as there is broken glass and rusted metal poking from the ground in random spots.

See a map of the inside of the bunker here!

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