During this time of quarantine, we've seen a lot of strange things occur, most of them having to do with wildlife right here in Maine. A couple weeks ago, people were stunned to see hundreds of clams exposed and untouched along Old Orchard Beach. And this week, it was a strange occurrence in Windham where a very large turtle was spotted getting out of a pond...by using a ladder?

Shared on Facebook by Elaine Guinta Baer, the stunning photo catches the turtle taking its final step up onto a dock in Pettingill Pond. Elaine states in her Facebook post that she watched him slowly climb the ladder in amazement in a show that nature doesn't provide often. And while that turtle may look out of place to most of us, it's apparently very much at home in Pettingill Pond.

Elaine's neighbor filled in some of the history about this turtle, nicknamed "Nessie" by nearby residents after the famed Lochness Monster and "Jaws" by others because he's a snapper. Apparently, this turtle has called Pettingill Pond his home for more than 80 years. And while a turtle climbing a ladder may seem incredibly strange to most, it's just Nessie being Nessie for those that have seen him for years.

As the temperatures warm and more of nature comes out to play, it's fair to wonder what we'll see next.

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