Ever find yourself looking for some grub after midnight? There are 6 places you can almost always find open in the Bangor area. 

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Late night study sessions, after concert meal, late drive dinner. Whatever your reason for needing food after ordinary hours Bangor has you covered with a variety of options for food after dark.

Here's 6 places in the Bangor area that are open 24 hours:

Denny's- 120 Haskell Rd., Bangor

This is one of the few places to get a full meal at a late hour. Everything from breakfast to dinner!  (Although after seeing their new mascot, we are not so sure we want to go there). They also have plenty of seating so you can bring your whole crew after a late night concert or sporting event.

Dunkin' Donuts- 327 Main St., Bangor

The drive-thru here is always open, though the lobby closes at 11PM. Need a late night coffee to keep you awake? No problem!

Dysart's- 530 Coldbrook Rd., Hermon

This is the only place on the list not in Bangor, but it has to be mentioned as it is one of the most popular places to eat after hours. There is something wicked nice about eating a home cooked meal among weary truckers and travelers.

Irving- Main St./ Hogan Rd., (more) Bangor

So you can't really get a full meal here unless you count a hot dog, chips and a soda (okay, that is a meal for us sometimes) but you can get meal staples here like milk, bread, beer, and dessert.

McDonald's- 632 Broadway, Bangor AND 441 Main Street

While there are multiple locations in Bangor, only the Broadway and Main Street drive-thrus are open 24 hours. They also offer breakfast all day so you can get any meal you want, too. The Broadway location is a hot spot for late night studying students from Husson University.

Tim Horton's- 594 Broadway. Bangor

Tim Horton's has three locations in Bangor with only one being open 24 hours a day.

Did we miss any? Let us know so we can add it to the list!

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